Fritsch as Authorized Economic Operator (AEO-F) certified

27-Nov-2008 - Germany

A seal of quality identifies the Fritsch GmbH • milling and Sizing since the end of October 2008, as a “safe partner in trade” towards custom offices and customers, because the company is certified as an Authorized Economic Operator AEO F.

An Authorized Economic Operator possesses a special status: They are recognized by custom administrations as especially safe, dependable and trustworthy. Here special advantages in regards to customs transactions may be claimed – which in transboundary trade can lead to time and cost saving advantages.

As one of the first manufacturers of application-oriented laboratory instruments, the FRITSCH GmbH • Milling and Sizing, received the status of an Authorized Economic Operator as the 88th company in Germany – as the 259th worldwide. The FRITSCH Company was awarded the highest status of the AEO certificate "Simplifications/Safety in regards to custom laws" (AEO-F) and this authorizes the company to the simplification of the usually relatively complex processing of goods with the custom administrations.

For the authorization as AEO-F, the FRITSCH GMBH • Milling and Sizing had to meet numerous prerequisites. Decisive for the approval was among other issues the suitable adherence of custom regulations, a satisfactory system for the management of the business and transportation documents, which enable suitable custom inspections, the proven liquidity and suitable safety standards.

It was audited whether the company and its organizational structures ensure a dependable compliance of custom regulations and if the safety provisions of the company guarantee that no unauthorized personnel can have access to goods and services.

Additionally, the goods and documents of companies with AEO-certificates are less inspected. Necessary inspections by the custom offices are given preferential consideration. This results in less delay in shipping.

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