SPECTROGREEN ICP-OES: Revolutionary Dual Side-On Interface (DSOI) Technology

Thanks to DSOI technology twice the sensitivity of conventional radial-plasma-view instruments ✓ TI enables highest sensitivity for trace elements, as well ... more

QSight ® LC/MS/MS-System

DUAL SOURCE - true inline ESI/APCI multiplexing flexibility ✓ STAYCLEAN SOURCE and HSID INTERFACE - laminar flow for longterm reproducable results ✓ SIMPLIC ... more

ICP-MS Analysis of Elements

Superior interference removal ✓ Outstanding background equivalent concentrations and detection limits ✓ Exceptional stability more

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Our products and services for your lab

Hello, we are ibs | tecnomara! Founded in 1965, we are your partner for high-quality laboratory equipment. Our product portfolio includes Autoclaves | Lamin ... more

Microsynth Seqlab: Sanger Sequencing, Oligonucleotide Synthesis, Next Generation Sequencing

Microsynth Products & Services: Oligonucleotide Synthesis, Sanger Sequencing, Next Generation Sequencing, DNA/RNA Isolation, qPCR, ddPCR, Genotyping … more

Masterflex ® Lastest and Greatest

The newest in pump technology to enhance connectivity, industry leading choices of tubing formulation, single-use products and much more more

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Data Solution for GC/HPLC and MS Systems

Hundreds of control modules ✓ OEM and instrument control development ✓ Try before buy - a free demo version more

ISO 17025 and GMP compliant quality management with integrated administration of qualifications

Paperless QM - Complete digitalization of the QM system for easy certification ✓ Managing the qualifications and skills of employees and identifying trainin ... more

STARe Software - The standard in thermal analysis

Data integrity with authorized user access for compliance throughout the data lifecycle ✓ Traceability of all work processes and data according to FDA compl ... more

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analytica-world news

The analytica-world.com newsletter bundles for you all news, products, company and specialist information all relating to the analysis and laboratory industries.
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SiLA 2: The Next Generation Lab Automation Standard

The SiLA TechNote shows a summary of the basic principles, the technical requirements and its advantages of the standard in lab automation. more

White paper: SiLA 2 serving the laboratory

The SiLA Whitepaper provides 4 example use cases of the SiLA standards for users, suppliers and integrators more

Clinical research and forensic handbook

Comprehensive collection of information for clinical/translational/drug monitoring research, forensic testing, and sports antidoping analysis more

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Individual Solutions for IVD-Devices, Interoperability Standards and Medical Image Analysis

One-stop-shop for the development of system control boards for IVD applications using modular electronics ✓ System integration & interoperability testing: L ... more

Biomaterial in vitro testing 2.0 – standardized, quantitative, resource-saving

Size-standardized surface areas enable direct quantitative comparisons between different material test items ✓ Error-reduced and highly reproducible analyze ... more

Use potential savings in laboratory purchasing

“From a single source” means potential savings through process optimization and supplier consolidation ✓ Saving time with personal advice from our laborator ... more

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