29-Sep-2009 - Tosoh Bioscience GmbH

Tosoh Bioscience celebrates its 20th Anniversary

20 years ago, on July 20, 1989, TosoHaas opened the doors to the Biopharmaceutical industry. Starting out with a team of five employees, TosoHaas, over time, developed into a profitable business with constant growth. In the start TosoHaas focused on promoting the nowadays well known TSK-GEL SW and PW size exclusion columns and Toyopearl media. Toyopearl media at that time was a relatively new development and specifically designed for use in biopharmaceutical production. Today, Tosoh Bioscience is a profitable solution provider with a competent team of technical and sales & marketing specialists. The technical support specialists provide assistance in developing an HPLC application or purification method, in up-scaling, or packing process columns. Tosoh Bioscience is also well known for its chromatographic workshops and the renowned International Conference on Hydrophobic Interaction and Reversed Phase Chromatography (HIC/RPC) Bioseparation Conference, which Tosoh Bioscience is the sole sponsor of. The Chromatography workshops are being held since twelve years now. They provide a comprehensive background to bioprocess chromatographic purification and are highly recommended among the attendees. Tosoh Bioscience GmbH was established in July 1989 under the company name TosoHaas GmbH (Stuttgart, Germany) as subsidiary of TosoHaas (Delaware, USA), a joint venture between Tosoh Corporation, Japan and Rohm and Haas, US. The goal of establishing TosoHaas GmbH was to better be able to serve European customers in life sciences, pharmaceutical industry and chemistry with TSK-GEL analytical HPLC columns and Toyopearl separation media. TosoHaas GmbH experienced continuous growth and in 2001 Tosoh Corporation Japan converted the company to a wholly Tosoh subsidiary, re-named Tosoh Biosep GmbH. In 2002, all Tosoh affiliated separation and diagnostic related companies were unified under the name Tosoh Bioscience. All supply chain services for the Bioscience group were centralized in one place at the former diagnostic subsidiary in Tessenderlo, Belgium. The team based in Stuttgart is now solely focussed on sales, marketing and technical support. In 2008 the product portfolio was extended with the EcoSEC semi-micro GPC system, the 7th generation GPC system of Tosoh Corporation. The latest developments in ion exchange process resins (Toyopearl GigaCap series) as well as innovative HILIC and laboratory ion exchange HPLC columns further contribute to continuous growth. Today, Tosoh Bioscience GmbH is well on the way to be rightly considered as one of the big players in the bioseparation world.

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