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Microplate readers at a glance

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SPECTROstar Nano by BMG Labtech

UV/Vis measurements for microplates and cuvettes in the blink of an eye

Efficient assay performance thanks to predefined protocols

Absorbance meter for microtiter plates and cuvettes ✓ from 0.3 µl sample volume ✓ <1s measuring time/well ✓ Up to 900 data points per well ✓ Robot compatible...

Bradford assays cell assays DNA quantification +9
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PHERAstar® FSX by BMG Labtech

Speed up your screening with 1536 samples in just 27 seconds

Discover the fastest microplate reader for high-throughput applications now

Highest throughput for drug screening applications ✓ Screen millions of samples even faster ✓ Fully automated ✓ 21 CFR Part 11 compliant ✓...

active ingredient research compound screening drug design +8
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VANTAstar by BMG Labtech

Optimal microplate analysis with VANTAstar: User-friendly and versatile

Simplified assay setup and automatic autofocus for optimal measurement results

Simplified assay setup: widest dynamic range and auto-focus make manual settings superfluous ✓ Maximum flexibility: monochromator, filters and UV/vis spectrometer all in one instrument ✓ Compact: small footprint and affordable price make it fit on more benches and in more budgets ✓...

fluorescence polarization fluorescence spectroscopy life science +2
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FLUOstar Omega by BMG Labtech

Experience the future of microplate readers

Robust, flexible and versatile - a real workhorse in your laboratory

Multimode microplate reader ✓ 6 detection modes ✓ Top and bottom measurement ✓ Integrated incubation shaker ✓ Easily exchangeable filters ✓...

aggregation assays ELISA readers fluorescence spectroscopy +6
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CLARIOstar Plus by BMG Labtech

Automation and efficiency - you need to get to know this microplate reader

More time for your research - optimise your cell-based assays

Automated multimode microplate reader ✓ 7 detection methods ✓ automatic gas control unit ✓ Highly sensitive and flexible thanks to LVF monochromator ✓...

Deoxygenation enzymatic assays fluorescence polarization +7
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