APU sim

APU sim Automatic Preparation Unit

Analytik Jena GmbH+Co. KG

Extremely robust and very good particle handling by avoiding conventional valve technology and usi

Intuitive operation and flexibility in processing

Minimum maintenance effort

APU sim
APU sim
APU sim
APU sim

APU sim The Clever Sample Preparation System According to Column Method

unique flexibility in preparation Designed with three enrichment channels the system allows comfortable simultaneous preparation of several samples. Each channel takes two samples (columns) and can be operated and started individually. Sample volume, rinse volume and even the adsorption rate can be selected separately for each channel, if required. The flexibility of the APU sim leaves nothing to be desired - just tailor the sample preparation to your needs. An intuitive control panel guides you through the clearly arranged menu levels and makes operation child’s play. Simply pick up or fill the sample, press start, and let the APU sim do the work. Whether clear or turbid water, the system copes with every matrix and stands out with a very good particle handling. Thanks to the large diameters of the hoses and the absence of conventional valve technology, particles are transferred easily to the enrichment columns. The fully automatic rinse provides free selection of rinsing volumes.

APU sim


APU sim

APU sim


APU sim

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APU sim

APU sim Automatic Preparation Unit

Analytik Jena GmbH+Co. KG

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