ISO recognition for Quality Management Systems at Malvern Instruments US headquarters

25-Jul-2012 - USA

The quality management Systems in place at the Westborough MA headquarters of  Malvern Instruments Inc., Malvern’s US subsidiary, have been awarded ISO9001:2008 certification. This certification recognizes the US company’s supply, support and installation of materials characterization systems and associated equipment, and extends to the provision of associated services for sample analysis, application, advice and customer training.

Paying tribute to the hard work of the teams at Westborough, Brian Dutko, President of Malvern’s Americas Operation, said, “Malvern is recognized throughout the world for the quality of its products and services, so I am delighted that at the US headquarters we have gained this important public recognition for the services we provide here. I’d like to thank everyone for their continued dedication and support in achieving and maintaining the high standards that our customers expect.”

Paul Walker, Managing Director of Malvern Instruments, confirmed the company’s commitment to quality. “At Malvern Instruments’ global headquarters in the UK, the center of our manufacturing and commercial operations, we regard ISO certification as essential in demonstrating the quality and competence of our systems. It gives me great pleasure to see our subsidiary operations also gaining that important recognition.” 

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