The Drum Mill is designed to grind large sample volumes to

Wide measurement range from 0.01 µm to 4 mm thanks to tri-laser technology ✓ High sensitivity and reliable detection of oversized grains ✓ Image a ... more

A Mixer Mill for 6-fold increased sample troughput and maximum flexibility

Thanks to 35 Hz, grinding usually is twice as fast as in classic Mixer Mills with max. 30 Hz. ✓ All grinding jars of the MM 400 can be used. ✓ Max ... more

New grinding jar concept for final finenesses down to nanometer scale

Ultra-fine grinding in two pressure-tight grinding jars with a max. volume of 125 ml. ✓ Easy and ergonomic handling of the entire mill. ✓ The mil ... more

The Knife Mill homogenizes food samples in seconds - now also cryogenically!

Powerful and efficient grinding delivers results in seconds ✓ A wide selection accessories allows for adaptation of the mill to individual applica ... more

Rethinking Everyday Lab Practice

Exceptionally space-saving and easy to clean ✓ Chemically resistant for very aggressive/corrosive gases and ATEX-compliant (N 820 G & N 840 G) ✓ S ... more

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