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MIRO CANVAS by Integra Biosciences

NGS made effortless: Introducing MIRO CANVAS from INTEGRA Biosciences

INTEGRA Biosciences is excited to announce the launch of MIRO CANVAS

automated sample preparation systems
Multi-Liter Hydrogen Gasgenerator

Multi-Liter Hydrogen Gasgenerator by VICI

New Multi-Liter Hydrogen Generator by VICI DBS

Generate up to 18l/min of Hydrogen

hydrogen generators

Blade by CEM

Lightning-fast microwave digestion in 5 minutes

Easy handling and real-time documentation for precise analyses

microwave digestion systems

GFD®Lab by PSL

Laboratory Nutsche Filter Dryer for solid-liquid separation and scale-up development

Modular, all-in-one unit that supersedes traditional Büchner filtration and oven drying methods

nutsche filter dryers
speedwave Xpert

speedwave Xpert by Berghof

Microwave digestion with top-loader system for ease of use

speedwave Xpert: Maximum efficiency and safety in the laboratory

microwave digestion systems
Berghof Reaktortechnologie - Hoch- und Niederdruckreaktoren, Druckbehälter und metallfreie Reaktoren

Berghof Reaktortechnologie - Hoch- und Niederdruckreaktoren, Druckbehälter und metallfreie Reaktoren by Berghof

Safe high- and low-pressure systems for aggressive media

Corrosion-resistant reactors with PTFE lining - individually configurable

high pressure reactors

PHERAstar® FSX by BMG Labtech

Speed up your screening with 1536 samples in just 27 seconds

Discover the fastest microplate reader for high-throughput applications now

microplate readers
ChemiDoc Go Imaging System

ChemiDoc Go Imaging System by Bio-Rad Laboratories

Chemiluminescence and fluorescence measurement to go

ChemiDoc Go: Compact, versatile and easy to use

imaging systems
Microbiology QC products

Microbiology QC products by Cytiva

Microbiology QC products

Reliable test results for your effective food and beverage quality monitoring

filter funnels

Mini-UniPrep™ by Cytiva

Improved HPLC sample preparation

Save 66% sample preparation time and reduce costs by 40%


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UV Mini-Spectrometer C16767MA New

UV Mini-Spectrometer C16767MA by Hamamatsu Photonics

UV-sensitive model of mini-spectrometer micro series

New UV Spectrometer

UV spectrometers
speedwave XTRACT New

speedwave XTRACT by Berghof

Microwave sample preparation: Fast and safe

speedwave XTRACT: High efficiency and low operating costs for environmental and food analyses

sample preparation systems
QX600 Droplet Digital PCR System New

QX600 Droplet Digital PCR System by Bio-Rad Laboratories

Multiplexed Genomic Analysis - Get More Data From Your Precious Samples!

Droplet-digital PCR With Advanced Six-Color Multiplexing Clearly Discriminates Multiple Targets

PCR systems
Rainin MicroPro New

Rainin MicroPro by Mettler-Toledo

The new semi-automatic, small and affordable 96-channel pipette from METTLER TOLEDO

Faster and repeatable workflows with the new portable 96-channel pipette

multichannel pipettors
Guardian Hot Plate Stirrer

Guardian Hot Plate Stirrer by Ohaus

For the first time a hot plate stirrer thinks about your safety - thanks to "telepathic" abilities

Modernize your lab with outstanding safety and superior performance in mind

magnetic stirrers

OMEGA 5 by Bruker

Compact FTIR based Gas Analyzer for the fully automated quantification of gas compounds

The Versatile Gas Analyzer

gas analyzers

INVENIO by Bruker

FT-IR spectrometer of the future: INVENIO

Freely upgradeable and configurable FT-IR spectrometer

FTIR spectrometers

ZEEnit by Analytik Jena

Zeeman Technology for Maximum Sensitivity – Matching any Analytical Problem

Transverse-heated graphite furnace for optimum atomization conditions and high sample throughput

AAS spectrometers
Laser Driven Light Source

Laser Driven Light Source by Hamamatsu Photonics

A single lamp for more than 9000 hours of ultra-bright light from 170 nm to 2.5 µm

Sized down to 100 µm and extremely stable for extremely sharp results

laser light sources
Biometra TSC ThermoShaker

Biometra TSC ThermoShaker by Analytik Jena

Efficient preparation of biological samples - this is how it works

With the ThermoShaker you can heat, mix and cool in one device

thermo shakers

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