20-Jan-2010 - Kapler Communications Ltd.

New ISO standard for laser diffraction ‘much improves method development advice’ says Malvern

Malvern Instruments has welcomed the release of ISO13320:2009, a new standard for this key particle sizing technique. Building on a knowledge base that has advanced significantly over the preceding decade, ISO13320:2009 is an essential resource for instrument manufacturers and users alike. By emphasising applications and the need for well-defined procedures, it also clearly points the way for future developments.

Commenting on the publication of the new standard, Paul Kippax, Malvern’s Product Manager for Diffraction Products said, “Malvern has been happy to contribute expertise to shape this valuable document and is especially pleased that it includes much improved advice on method development and optical model selection. This reflects a marked growth in application knowledge in recent years. There is now substantial guidance to enable users to get the most from an investment in a laser diffraction analyzer. Looking to the future, the challenge for manufacturers is to reduce the burden of method development, making it easier for all users to fully exploit this knowledge base.”

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