Turning REACH expertise into practical help

Cefic announces plans to set up ReachCentrum to facilitate implementation of REACH for companies


The new EU chemicals legislation, REACH, will enter into force in mid-2007. Companies will have to start preparing urgently to be ready for the implementation of the new policy. Cefic is establishing ReachCentrum, an independent service unit to help companies all through the value chain initially with preparation and then with implementation of REACH. REACH will be a major effort for companies over the next 10-15 years, as at least 30.000 substances will be registered, and a proportion of those will be taken through the evaluation and authorisation steps.

ReachCentrum is the new professional services body established by Cefic, the European Chemical Industry Council, which has been designed to help companies all through the value chain to fulfill the REACH requirements. It will be part of an integrated and consistent service provided by Cefic, national associations and Member State authorities. "Over five years of experience in developing workable REACH legislation, as well as its major role in the REACH Implementation Projects under the European Commission have given Cefic unique expertise on REACH. Cefic is now turning this expertise into practical help to companies", said Alain Perroy, Director General of Cefic.

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