ECHA will offer a rapid response service for pre-registrants from 17 November to 1 December 2008

13-Nov-2008 - Finland

From 17 November until 1 December 2008, ECHA will be offering enhanced assistance to companies that still intend to pre-register and may need help in doing so in time. The service is available to companies located in the EU/EEA who can submit their questions on pre-registration related issues via a dedicated form on the ECHA website.

ECHA will answer these questions by email or by phone with highest priority. If you would like to benefit from this service ECHA emphasises that you must submit your query via the dedicated form available on the ECHA website. The form will assist you in addressing the specific issue by guiding you to the most appropriate support service. If your question concerns pre-registration and is related to REACH IT, IUCLID, or guidance/user manuals ECHA will provide you a reply by email within a short time to facilitate timely preregistration.

Alternatively, when considered to be more effective, ECHA staff will call the listed contact person of your company to resolve the issue that inhibits pre-registration. This exceptional service is available from 17 November until 1 December 2008 only, including the weekend of 29/30 November 2008. Note that phone calls can only be performed between 10:30 and 17:00 EET.

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