30-Sep-2008 - Novasep SAS

Novasep has Extended its Custom Chiral Separation Capabilities to Offer Optimized and Efficient Purification Solutions

Custom Chiral Separation Using Preparative Chromatography Eases and Speeds up Process Development; Rapidly and Efficiently Producing the Required Amount of Compounds for Early Development Phases While Being Cost Efficient at Industrial Scale

Novasep has recently added a state-of-the-art cGMP pilot scale continuous chromatography unit in its Chasse sur Rhône (France) facility. This ensures cost efficient separations of kilograms to tens of kilograms of pure enantiomer for clinical supplies.

Novasep operates six FDA-inspected facilities that manufacture APIs and advanced intermediates. Four of them integrate chiral separation services from preclinical to commercial supply. Novasep now operates ten pilot and commercial scale HPLC units, eight pilot and commercial scale Varicol(R) systems (continuous chromatography systems) for producing batches up to 1 metric ton with a total capacity of more than 150 metric tons per annum.

This investment expands Novasep's chiral separation capabilities. The fully operational plant includes a Varicol(R) 8-80 unit, using 5 to 8 columns of 80mm i.d. and incorporates the latest PAT-compliant advanced control technology.

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