Eppendorf significantly expands production site in Oldenburg

27-Sep-2019 - Germany

The Eppendorf Group is boosting its production capacity at its site in Oldenburg in Holstein by building two new production halls. Operations at the two sites will begin in the second half of 2020, significantly increasing the overall capacity of Eppendorf Polymere GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of Eppendorf AG.

“This major investment in the development of our production in Oldenburg is a clear commitment to the location, which will be further strengthened by the new extensions,” explained Dr. Wilhelm Plüster, Member of the Management Board and Chief Technology Officer at Eppendorf AG. “The new production halls will enable us to further increase the availability of high-quality consumables for laboratories all over the world.” Eppendorf is taking these steps, stated Plüster, in the interests of its customers, who have demonstrated strong confidence in the high quality of the products manufactured in Oldenburg. He then added: “Eppendorf is currently investing heavily in the expansion of its facilities around the world, and this will contribute to the continued successful development of the Eppendorf Group over the long term.”

Targeted further development: more capacity, more jobs

The production site has been undergoing targeted further development for years and has been growing continuously. Just last year, a fully automated high-bay storage facility with around 13,000 pallet bays went into operation. The employee headcount is also rising steadily, with the new construction projects to further raise the total number of employees in Oldenburg.

By expanding our production, we will create additional skilled jobs at our location in Oldenburg,”

Dr. Thomas Reimann, Managing Director of Eppendorf Polymere GmbH explained. “I’m confident our workforce will continue to grow in the future, especially in terms of our training program. Our goal for the next few years is to continuously increase the number of training positions so we’ll be able to meet the long-term demand for qualified employees.” Ten trainees and 50 new employees have been hired in just this year alone. At present, Eppendorf employs around 400 people in Oldenburg in Holstein.

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