Medical Services Begins Manufacturing in China


Medical Services International Inc. is pleased to announce that its Chinese production facility has received an initial order of 200,000 VScan HIV rapid test kits from a network of major pharmaceutical distributors in the area.

These HIV test kits will be assembled, packaged and distributed from our facility in China. Based on the accuracy, speed, and cost of the VScan HIV test kits, combined with the marketing program that has been agreed to, it is reasonable to expect that further orders will come from this group this year.

This order is in addition to existing orders of 1.4 million kits that have been received from Chinese customers and are only waiting for regulatory approval before production will start. The company anticipates that it will generate in excess of $3.4 million US in revenue from kit sales this year with a profit in excess of $800,000 US.

The VScan rapid test kit is a single use, easy to use, test for the screening of HIV 1&2 subgroup O, Hepatitis B&C, Tuberculosis (TB), Dengue Fever and West Nile. The kits cannot be sold in Canada.

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