The Hamburg family business KRÜSS introduces the 4-day week

36 hours with the same salary

18-Jul-2023 - Germany

Under the motto "Reduced to the maximum: the KRÜSS 4-day week”, all KRÜSS full-time employees at the headquarters in Hamburg have the opportunity to reduce their working hours to 36 hours and to work these hours 4 days a week.


As a technology leader, KRÜSS lives innovation. Now the long-established Hamburg-based company is also taking a step ahead in terms of working time models and has added a particularly progressive offer to its comprehensive package of employee benefits – reduced weekly working hours with the same salary and thus the possibility of shortening the working week to four days.

The innovation offers many benefits to existing employees while helping to recruit new ones and thus remain competitive.

4-day week – working model of the future

The 4-day week has already been discussed for some time by politicians and the media as an alternative working time model to the classic 40-hour week. Life and family models are becoming more diverse and therefore demand more flexible and life-friendly work concepts that offer more time for family, care, own projects, hobbies, further education and voluntary work. In addition, researchers at the University of Cambridge were able to determine numerous other advantages in a study on the 4-day week. Burnout and stress symptoms decreased, resulting in fewer sick days and fewer resignations. Productivity also did not seem to suffer from the reduced working hours - the total turnover of the companies involved in the experiment even increased slightly by 1.4 percent.

Design of the 4-day week at KRÜSS

As of July 1, KRÜSS employees can now reduce their working hours from 40 hours to 36 hours per week while keeping their salary the same. The 36 hours can be worked on four or five days. If they choose the 4-day week, employees gain an additional 46 days off per year. New employees will only be offered employment contracts with a maximum of 36 hours per week.

„Our employees make KRÜSS who we are. With the 4-day week, we want to offer them real added value and respond to the changing demands of work-life balance. We are convinced that the increased flexibility will have a positive impact on the lives of our employees and at the same time on their productivity and our corporate culture. In this way, we will continue to position KRÜSS as an attractive employer in the future", Gordon Peters, Managing Director, KRÜSS.

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