Fluorotechnics appoints InterChim as sales and marketing partner for France


Fluorotechnics Pty Limited announced the immediate appointment of InterChim as the sales, marketing and distribution partner for France and other European countries.

Duncan Veal (CEO) from Fluorotechnics said: "We are excited about the opportunity to work with InterChim, as they are one of the most professional and successful companies servicing science and research within France."

According to the company, Fluorotechnics products are environmentally-friendly, fluorescent stains and assays that provide a unique solution or superior performance.

Etienne Boireau, BioSciences manager of Interchim, said: "We are excited to provide Fluorotechnics products to the scientific community. These products represent outstanding advancement and innovation. The collaboration with Fluorotechnics will strengthen our position in the fields of proteomics biochemistry, electrophoresis, MS analysis as well as cell biology studies. In this fast moving market, this relationship provides great potential for both parties."

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