Agilent Technologies launches China Holding Company


Agilent Technologies Inc. announced the Formation of Agilent Technologies China Holding Co. Ltd., based in Shanghai, to consolidate its entities in China. With the launch of the new company, Agilent expects to expand its presence in this region, as well as accelerate business growth.

According to Agilent Chairman, President and CEO Ned Barnholt, China represents a significant opportunity for Agilent. "With its rapidly growing economy, China is Agilent's second biggest market," said Barnholt. "Through the formation of the new holding company, we are combining our different entities there to enhance our presence and achieve operational efficiency. We are also building a platform for further investment in China."

Agilent's businesses in China employ 1,100 people and are centered in Beijing and Shanghai, with other offices located throughout the country. Among its facilities in Shanghai are Agilent Technologies (Shanghai) Co. Ltd., which focuses on R&D, marketing and manufacturing services for the company's Life Sciences and Chemical Analysis business, and a Software Application Center for Agilent's Automated Test Group, which develops software for the semiconductor manufacturing and test industries. Other Shanghai operations include the Agilent Shanghai Trading Co., which opened in 2004 for outsourcing the company's semiconductor products to contract manufacturers in China, as well as providing design and application support to its semiconductor customers, and an Agilent Technologies Co. Ltd. Shanghai branch office.

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