Bruker AXS Wins Frost & Sullivan Market Leadership Award in X-ray Diffraction


Bruker BioSciences Corporation announced that Frost & Sullivan has selected the company's Bruker AXS subsidiary for their 2004 Market Leadership Award in x-ray diffraction instrumentation.

Frost & Sullivan analyst John Weber stated: "Bruker AXS is the recipient of our award for its exemplary leadership in the X-ray Diffraction (XRD) market. Bruker AXS is also a leading participant in several other analytical instrumentation markets, such as X-ray Fluorescence and X-ray Crystallography. Bruker AXS' products find global application in research and production facilities in many leading pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical and petrochemical, and semiconductor firms, along with universities. Key markets include advanced materials research, drug discovery and development, elemental and process analysis, as well as structural proteomics. Bruker AXS was early to gauge and understand key customers' changing needs, and now provides one of the widest product portfolios using x-ray technology."

"Bruker AXS' X-ray technologies, best exemplified in their flagship D8 Discover instrument, incorporate high-speed detection systems and high-flux optics that are unprecedented. The latest in Bruker AXS' line, SUPER SPEED SOLUTIONS, and the new NANOSTAR system for nanotechnology applications, are touted to be the fastest of their kind, unrivaled by any other," Weber added.

He concluded: "Research indicates that in 2003 Bruker AXS was the largest X-ray diffractometer manufacturer in the world, accounting for over 30 percent in market share. A strong pipeline of new techniques and strong brand recognition are projected to positively impact the company's position in the X-ray Diffraction market, along with an ever-expanding range of applications."

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