LabVantage Acquires SEIN Infotech South Korea

With SEIN Technology, LabVantage LIMS Becomes Industry-First Integrated Platform with EHS Management Solutions for Energy and Chemical Sectors


LabVantage Solutions, Inc. announced the acquisition of software innovator SEIN Infotech South Korea, known for its robust environmental, health, and safety (EHS) management applications. This move strategically expands LabVantage's capabilities in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, particularly enhancing its environmental compliance offerings and enabling the company to provide an unrivaled, industry-first integrated informatics platform with EHS management solutions for the global energy and chemical industries.

LabVantage Solutions, Inc.

Michel Gerlicher, President of LabVantage International (R), and Jung Moon Lee, CEO of SEIN Infotech (L), seal the acquisition with a handshake.

Responding to the increasing demands for advanced EHS solutions across the global market, LabVantage’s acquisition of South Korea-based SEIN Infotech aims to fortify its laboratory informatics suite to meet the stringent compliance and safety standards required in critical industries. As a trusted partner of LabVantage since 1999, SEIN Infotech has established itself as a leading system integrator in the energy and chemical sectors, providing clients with exceptional Quality and EHS Management Solutions.

Michel Gerlicher, President of LabVantage International, stated, “It is with great pleasure that we welcome SEIN Infotech's talented team and their loyal clients into the LabVantage family. The SEIN team’s experience and insights will enrich our organization as we join forces with them. We are more than just a LIMS company – at LabVantage, we aim to empower labs to transform scientific data into valuable business insights. With SEIN now officially recognized as a LabVantage group company, we're ready to deliver even greater value to our clients and expand our environmental compliance offerings.”

Jung Moon Lee, CEO of SEIN Infotech South Korea, commented, “We are excited to become a part of the LabVantage group and integrate our distinctive EHS solutions into the group’s robust informatics platform. This collaboration will extend our reach and impact, driving greater innovation and service excellence across the industry. Together, we will accelerate growth and set new standards in environmental compliance for our global clientele.”

LabVantage’s laboratory informatics platform goes beyond traditional LIMS, offering advanced features such as AI-powered solutions that enhance data integrity, strengthen cybersecurity, and accelerate digital transformation. The SEIN Infotech acquisition underscores LabVantage's commitment to innovation and excellence in laboratory informatics, ensuring clients receive optimal support for achieving regulatory compliance and operational safety.

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