Nanophase Announces Commercial Availability of Novel New Nanomaterials

Nanophase Technologies Corporation, a technology leader in nanomaterials and nanoengineered products, announced commercial availability of a new class of cerium-based oxide nanomaterials from the Company's patented NanoArc(TM) technology. The new nanomaterials, termed HSA nanoproducts, are approximately 5-15 nanometers with tight particle size distribution and are targeted to ultrafine polishing applications (CMP for semiconductors) and catalysts applications (catalytic converters). Nanophase's new HSA nanomaterials may also be combined with dopants, such as rare earths, to form single crystal multi-element nanomaterials. For example, Ceria may be combined with rare earths (lanthanum, Samarium, and/or Praseodymium) or other elements (Zirconium), to form multi-element nanomaterials that are uniquely contained in a single nanocrystal. Nanophase's NanoArc(TM) technology further allows the Company to tailor the nanoparticle surface and obtain highly concentrated, very stable dispersions of nanomaterials. "This new class of commercially available nanomaterials, with novel physical and chemical properties, are more chemically active than the present nanomaterials produced for Nanophase's CMP products that are currently being introduced to the market through our partnership with Rohm & Haas Electronic Materials (Rodel)," stated Joseph Cross, Nanophase's president and CEO. "Nanophase is able to uniquely manufacture commercial quantities of multi- elemental nanoparticles that do not occur in nature as a single-phase solid solution. These new nanoproducts are homogenous nanoparticles with very tight particle size distribution and exhibit high thermal stability, including high temperature oxygen storage capacity, ion mobility, and chemical reactivity. We believe that these materials should have direct applications in ultrafine polishing, catalysts, and potentially fuel cells."

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