09-May-2022 - Actome GmbH

Analyze proteins and protein interactions with hitherto unseen performance

Life-science startup Actome announces release of first commercial products

Actome has released the first commercial products to the EU market based on the Protein Interaction Coupling (PICO) Technology. The PICO assay kits for measuring proteins and protein interactions are available through Actome's online webshop.

Actome GmbH is a life-science startup form Freiburg adapting digital PCR (dPCR) technology for the ultra-sensitive measurement of proteins and protein interactions. Our first products based on the Protein Interaction Coupling (PICO) Technology enable the use of the QIAcuity dPCR product line of QIAGEN for measuring proteins and protein interactions. The assay kits contain all necessary materials for labeling of antibodies with the unique PICO Labels and to prepare the assay for readout by dPCR. Registered customers can use the Actome’s AMULATOR software free of charge to analyze proteins and protein interactions with hitherto unseen performance.

The unique performance of Actome’s products is based on the patented PICO Technology that detects single protein molecules and protein interaction complexes by translating protein status into DNA-barcodes. Therefore, a pair of antibodies is used that are labeled by DNA barcodes. These barcodes are then detected by the dPCR method and decoded by the proprietary AMULATOR software developed by Actome. “Our PICO assay kits expand the capabilities of the QIAcuity digital PCR platform by QIAGEN from nucleic acids to proteins and protein interactions. Using our products, molecular biological researchers can use dPCR not only for detection of DNA and RNA, but also for proteins and protein interactions alike. In a super sensitive, cost efficient and convenient way.” says Peter Koltay, co-founder, CEO, and head of sales & marketing.

Proteins control and direct biological processes through their interactions by which they determine our health and wellbeing. Unlike DNA and RNA, proteins are not a blueprint or a template for a functional biomolecule, but they carry, encompass and execute biological function in living organisms. Tools to study the protein interactions enable the understanding of cellular processes and open up an enormous potential for research, diagnostics, and therapies. Tackling these challenges, Actome's innovative PICO Technology is a breakthrough that will revolutionize life science research and biomedicine.

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