Fermentation research groups start the worldwide research challenge “BlueCompetition”

13-Jul-2011 - Germany

The project phase of the international scientific challenge “BlueCompetition” organized by BlueSens gas sensor GmbH is about to begin. The company received project proposals from research groups in universities throughout the world. An independent international scientific jury has selected twenty five participants from among these proposals. The selected participants are now starting their projects. Their projects will investigate the use of fermenter gas analysis in the development and optimization of bioprocesses. “A lot of the workgroups are going to explore future-oriented analysis techniques and processing methods in the field of microorganism fermentation”, explained one of the jury members, Dr. Frank Eiden of the University of Applied Sciences, Recklinghausen. All competing research groups will use state of the art gas analysis equipment provided by BlueSens for the execution of their projects.

The BlueCompetition is truly international in its scope - “We have an absolutely international field of participants with groups from India, China, Hungary, Austria, Germany und many other countries” emphasized Dr. Holger Muller, one of the managing directors of BlueSens after reviewing the list of participants, “The high level of interest shown in the BlueCompetition was a really pleasant surprise for us”.

The participating research groups will submit project reports during September 2011 at the conclusion of the execution phase of the competition. The Scientific Jury will determine the winning groups based on the content of these reports. A total of Euro 9000 in prize money will be donated to the Universities of the groups with the winning projects.

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