Evotec and Shionogi Enter Fragment-based Drug Discovery Alliance

07-Oct-2010 - Germany

Evotec AG announced that it has entered into a multiple target drug discovery collaboration with Shionogi & Co Ltd., to identify small molecule modulators of various protein-protein interaction targets.

Evotec will apply its proprietary and integrated fragment-based drug discovery platform, EVOlution(TM) to the programme. The key benefit of this platform for the selection of target-specific strategies is its versatility, combining biochemical and biophysical techniques including nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), surface plasmon resonance (SPR) and X-ray crystallography. Within this collaboration, EVOlution(TM) will be used to investigate protein-protein interactions on targets selected by Shionogi.

Dr Mario Polywka, COO of Evotec stated: "We are extremely pleased that Shionogi has decided to undertake these projects with Evotec. Our proprietary fragment-based drug discovery platform has shown that it adds significant value to our partner's programmes and we look forward to supporting Shionogi in finding novel treatments for inflammation and infectious diseases."

No financial details are disclosed.

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