Cresset BioMolecular Discovery Expands Sales Pipeline Potential 10 Fold through CambridgeSoft Alliance

22-Apr-2009 - USA

Cresset Biomolecular Discovery Ltd announced that their recent distribution agreement with CambridgeSoft© Corporation has led to a dramatic increase in the company’s sales pipeline. Under the terms of the agreement, CambridgeSoft sells Cresset’s FieldAlign and FieldTemplater products using its direct, telesales and ecommerce channels.

“I believe that this partnership will enable Cresset to increase sales of FieldAlign and FieldTemplater this year. The interest that Cambridgesoft has generated in our products is very encouraging, and I look forward to more organisations using these tools to develop new medicines” said Bea Leigh, CEO, Cresset BioMolecular Discovery.

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