19-Jun-2008 - Olympus Life Science Europa GmbH

Olympus Sponsors Free Access to Nature Publishing Group Papers Covering Significant Advances in Neurotechniques

Olympus Microscopy has partnered with the Nature Publishing Group to present the Neurotechniques Collection. This compilation of articles will draw together some of the groundbreaking research that has recently been published in Nature Reviews Neuroscience and Nature Methods. Sponsored by Olympus, this collection will be available free in print and online.

Olympus has a long track record of working with the scientific community. This is the second such partnership with the Nature Publishing Group and is the latest in Olympus's ongoing programme of activities in support of life science research.

Advances in genetics and molecular and cellular biology, together with the development of increasingly sophisticated imaging techniques, have allowed neuroscientists to view and manipulate the nervous system in unprecedented ways. The Neurotechniques Collection brings together both original research and relevant, timely reviews that have been published in Nature Reviews Neuroscience and Nature Methods in the last two years. There is also a compilation of Research Highlights written by the editors describing some of the most important advances in this primary research area.

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