Accurate elemental (CHN) analysis of perfluorinated compounds


Exeter Analytical has released a new application note that describes a reliable analytical method for accurately determining the percentage carbon (C), hydrogen (H) and nitrogen (N) content of difficult to combust perfluorinated compounds.

Most compounds containing fluorine can be run successfully analysed for percentage CHN content on an elemental microanalysis system under standard operating conditions. The magnesium oxide in the combustion tube reagent packings absorbs fluorine as HF, and releases the hydrogen. However, perfluorinated samples, which are often difficult to combust, can give incorrect low carbon and high nitrogen data. For these highly fluorinated compounds, Exeter Analytical has developed a new method based upon their Model CE440 Elemental Analyser.

Application note TM217 describes the new high temperature method and demonstrates how theoretical values of zero percent nitrogen and 22.10% carbon on a sample of perfluoro-N-octanoic acid were obtained.

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