Eppendorf acquires New Brunswick Scientific


Eppendorf AG has successfully acquired sole ownership of New Brunswick Scientific Co., Inc. (NBS). NBS is a manufacturer of innovative equipment for cell growth, detection and storage. NBS shareholders ratified the merger agreement, valued at approximately $ 110 million, and NBS shares are no longer publicly traded.

Eppendorf considers NBS a perfect fit to continue its growth strategy in important life science markets. Founded in 1946, NBS employs more than 400 people worldwide. Sales of its products, which range from biological shakers, fermentors and bioreactors to CO2 incubators and ultra-low temperature freezers, exceeded $ 75 million in 2006. NBS operates manufacturing plants at its US headquarters in Edison New Jersey, as well as in the UK. Additionally, it maintains sales and service facilities throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

Both Eppendorf and NBS represent successful enterprises in their respective markets. While Eppendorf is traditionally strong in research and biotechnology, NBS adds expertise in the pharmaceutical market as well as microbiological applications. These strengths position both companies for continued growth.Eppendorf's success in its markets offers excellent opportunities to make additional resources available to NBS in order to fuel growth in many synergetic ways.

For the life science research and pharmaceutical development industries, there is a highly complementary product portfolio between the two companies. The product ranges have a natural fit and can be immediately bundled or even integrated into complete solutions. The acquisition by Eppendorf was shaped by mutual consent, combining two brands that value superior qualities: reliability, technological edge and user-oriented prime solutions. With Eppendorf in the lead, the new group company, New Brunswick Scientific, will maintain independence to sustain and ensure financial success.

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