Galapagos and Cellzome in kinase drug discovery collaboration


Galapagos NV and Cellzome Inc. have announced that they are collaborating in kinase drug discovery. Under the terms of the agreement, Galapagos' service division BioFocus DPI gives Cellzome access to its SoftFocus® kinase libraries and provides biological screening and chemistry expertise to find inhibitors of Cellzome's kinase targets. In this service contract, BioFocus DPI receives an upfront payment for the library access as well as research fees.

Kinases are an important class of drug targets often pursued by the pharmaceutical industry because of the vital role they play in regulating cancer and inflammatory diseases. Cellzome has developed a proprietary proteomics technology, Kinobeads, which allows the screening of kinases directly in extracts from cells or tissues. In this collaboration, the companies use Cellzome's Kinobeads technology to screen the BioFocus DPI libraries for the identification of potent inhibitors against key inflammatory kinases in their physiological context."

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