Bruker Daltonics Launches Worldwide CLINPROT FORUM as a Protein/Peptide Biomarker Customer Support Network


Bruker Daltonics announced the launch of its CLINPROT FORUM for the support of customers in protein/peptide biomarker discovery and validation, as well as in clinical and applied proteomics. The CLINPROT(TM) product line (for research use only) covers various aspects of biomarker analysis.

The goal of the newly created international CLINPROT FORUM is to establish efficient networking amongst a worldwide community of CLINPROT users. This discussion forum covers various aspects of clinical proteomics. According to Bruker, the CLINPROT FORUM facilitates efficient information exchange and should stimulate the formation of research collaborations between different laboratories. Special discussion threads include topics like sample preparation, standardization, biomarker identification and bioinformatics methods. A CLINPROT FORUM download site provides the latest protocols for sample preparation with CLINPROT magnetic beads, as well as recent publication lists and application notes.

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