Newport Enhances Capabilities of OSM Mini-Spectrometers


Newport Corporation has introduced two software modules that enable their OSM series mini-spectrometers to be used for quantitative colorimety or thin film thickness measurements. The new Color-Analyst and Layer Thickness Measurement modules are compatible with the OSM-Analyst PC Software, the Windows-based software suite provided with all Newport OSM instruments.

OSM mini-spectrometers are compact handheld instruments intended for use in research laboratories, on-line production and testing applications, in-situ metrology, as well as for product and reagent QC/QA. The Color-Analyst module further extends the instruments' capabilities for applications in the printing, glass, lighting, dye, phosphor and textile industries. The Layer Thickness Measurement module will have particular utility for plastics and semiconductor metrology.

The Color-Analyst software module converts spectral data into coordinates for all common color space standards: DIN Yxy, DIN Luv, DIN Lch, Hunter Lab, CMC (l:c), CIE dE, FMC-2, CIE White, CIE L*a*b* and CIE Yxy. This module allows users to derive the color temperature for a source and provides various mathematical tools for other typical spectral manipulations.

The Layer Thickness Measurement module is designed to work in conjunction with a novel Newport probe to enable accurate measurement of up to three material layers with thicknesses in the range of 0.1 to 20 microns. The analysis algorithm calculates the thickness from spectral interference patterns in the visible and NIR ranges.

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