GeneProt Expands its Proteomic Capabilities Through a New Scientific Agreement

GeneProt amends its collaboration with Novartis Pharma

GENEVA, Switzerland - GeneProt Inc. announced that it has amended its scientific collaboration with Novartis Pharma AG. The new collaboration will maximize the value from the synergy of GeneProt's industrial-scale approach to proteomics and Novartis' high-throughput biological validation platforms. In October 2000, GeneProt and Novartis entered into a four-year collaboration to perform large scale proteomic studies for different therapeutic areas. Under the new collaboration agreement, GeneProt will continue to use its large scale proteomics platform and will accelerate the delivery of proteins to Novartis for further biological evaluation. GeneProt will also take advantage of the new platforms it has developed to perform innovative proteomics such as accelerated studies on non-pooled samples, or pharmacoproteomics. Financial details were not disclosed. "It is necessary to follow industrial-scale discovery with industrial-scale biological evaluation and also to stay at the forefront of a rapidly evolving industrial environment. We are pleased to offer these cutting edge proteomics services to Novartis. We look forward to continued collaboration with Novartis to leverage our combined expertise in an effort to accelerate the pace of pharmaceutical innovation," said Bertrand Damour, GeneProt's President and CEO.

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