PerkinElmer Showcases Ten New Integrated Systems for Lab Automation


PerkinElmer, Inc. announced that it will exhibit ten sophisticated and highly automated systems for liquid handling, cellular imaging, assays systems, plate readers and other detection systems that significantly increase the productivity and performance of life science laboratories. These products will be showcased at the LabAutomation conference being held in San Jose, Calif. from Feb. 1-5, Booth 625.

Among the new systems to be introduced at LabAutomation are two new workstations for fully automated assay processing. The Cell-Based and ELISA workstations provide complete, integrated solutions for speeding up the drug discovery process from sample preparation, using PerkinElmer's flexible MultiPROBE II PLUS or high-throughput Evolution P3 to integrated plate washers, reagent dispensers, incubators and multilabel detection technologies using PerkinElmer's EnVision(TM) or VICTOR3(TM) plate readers. These new automated systems join two other recently introduced automated MultiPROBE II PLUS systems for investigating nucleic acids and proteomics. While all of the new workstations are sophisticated turnkey systems, they also emphasize ease of use so that labs can quickly benefit from the new capabilities.

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