Company take-over of Slamed ING GmbH by Ratiolab GmbH

08-Jul-2016 - Germany

Company Ratiolab GmbH has taken over Slamed ING GmbH with effect on 05th July 2016. Ratiolab GmbH will continue the existing business activities without any change.

In 1987 Slamed ING GmbH was founded in the city of Frankfurt, Germany by Mr. Eugen Gieldzik. After more than 30 years business in the fields of Liquid Handling products and various medical and chemical analyzers, SLAMED will be in future a brand name of Company Ratiolab GmbH.

With the acquisition of Slamed ING GmbH, Ratiolab GmbH expands their expertise and scope of activities, especially in Liquid Handling products and analyzers.

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