Automation of Cellular Assays

Flexible Pipetting Platform for Fully Automated Single to Multichannel Liquid Handling

  • Flexible pipettor with 1 to 384 channels with automatic loading of pipetting tools
  • Unique and compact deck design, 12 positions on 2 levels
  • Patent pending CHOICETM technology for pipetting from 500 nl to1 ml
  • Highest precision and accuracy for various applicatios  in all formats
  • Closed stand-alone system or as an open system for placing in laminar flow hood and integration

The CyBio® FeliX offers maximum performance for the automation of your cellular assays such as media exchange, cell seeding, ADME/Tox, transfection and cell-based screening. The precision and reliable functionality of the CyBio FeliX was exemplified in the automation of a Cisbio HTRF® cellular phospho-assay.

CyBio FeliX is a flexible and compact liquid handling platform for single to multichannel pipetting on the smallest footprint of 650 x 450 mm. HTRF cellular kinase phospho-assays provide an ideal phosphodetection readout enabling screening of signaling processes in cells – easily automatable on the CyBio FeliX.

With configurable accessories and interchangeable pipetting heads and tools for 1- to 384-channel pipetting, CyBio FeliX can process even more laborious tasks like plate replication, creating reaction set-ups for PCR and Next Gen Sequencing, ELISA and serial dilution.

CyBio FeliX – Your Automated Application Starts Here:

Free yourself from work-intense, manual pipetting

  • With fully automated pipetting in different formats and integrated tool and tip exchange

Increase your reproducibility and save reagent costs

  • With CyBio's proven pipetting technology and liquid specific parameters for highest precision and accuracy

Save valuable lab space

  • Maximum performance with minimal dimensions of 650 x 450 x 700 mm (w x d x h)

Be prepared for the future

  • With the reliable and easy to adapt CyBio FeliX system
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