Eurofins Genomics Extends Its Genomic Business Into Austria And Czech Republic

22-Oct-2014 - Austria

Eurofins Genomics, the genomics division of the Eurofins Scientific Group, has now established its own subsidiary in Austria. Customers will be served directly through Eurofins Genomics AT GmbH located in Vienna.

The acquisition of the oligonucleotide synthesis and DNA sequencing businesses from VBC-Biotech will allow Eurofins Genomics to benefit from local presence in Austria, as well as leveraging the global network, production capacity and infrastructure of the Eurofins organisation.

"The new direct presence in Austria will provide value to our customers by demonstrating our commitment to this market. Furthermore, Vienna can serve as a perfect hub for future business into Central and Eastern Europe and beyond“, says Siegfried Schnabl, Managing Director of Eurofins Genomics AT.

“VBC-Biotech is an excellent strategic fit to establish a strong local presence in Austria and the foundation to further expand into other countries in the Eastern European region”, says Bruno Poddevin, Vice President of Eurofins Genomics.

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