FRITSCH: Production Facility II officially dedicated

09-Oct-2014 - Germany

The construction of the new two-storey production facility with an area of 4.900 square meters has been completed and was officially dedicated during a celebration together with the Fritsch employees, as well as numerous guests from politics, trade and industry.


FRITSCH • Milling and Sizing – Facility I + II

During the dedication ceremony, managing director Robert Fritsch thanked representatives of the construction firms and their employees for the achieved task and was happy about the smooth course of events during the construction work. Afterwards he reflected upon the history of FRITSCH: from the beginnings in the twenties as a technical gemstone trader up to now an internationally respected manufacturer of application-oriented laboratory instruments for sample preparation and particle sizing.

The new two-storey building with assembly work stations, a generous storage area, the paint shop, the testing rooms and the staff facilities is innovative, spacious and light. It offers the employees a pleasant and modern workplace. With two freight elevators and two unloading terminals, a trouble-free and smooth work flow will be ensured. The FRITSCH • Milling and Sizing corporate design was of course integrated in the design of the new building and now blends in perfectly with the existing production facility.

As of now, the new premium line instruments as well as the whole FRITSCH product range is produced completely in the Langenfelder Strasse 4.

This means for the existing headquarters in the Industriestrasse 8 – only 2 blocks away: further structural alteration works in the existing production building and administration building. Since all FRITSCH instruments are completely developed, manufactured and tested in-house, the development department and also the Application Laboratory need substantially more room, because of the new instruments. The development department will find enough space in the existing production building for their trials and equipment durability tests. Due to the movement of the Application Laboratory to the ground floor, all FRITSCH instruments can now be provided for customers visits and for free-of-charge sample preparation and particle size analysis of customers’ samples.

In addition, a room for training courses for workshops and seminars with our international representatives and customers will be built right next to it. In future, also the sales staff will have their offices right next to the lab to ensure a smooth and customer-oriented service.

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