20-Jan-2022 - Bruker Corporation

Bruker Acquires Prolab Instruments

Augment Multiomics Solutions

Bruker Corporation announced the acquisition of Prolab Instruments GmbH, a Swiss technology company specialized in low-flow, high precision liquid chromatography technology and systems. Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Mr. Werner Doebelin, the Founder and CEO of Prolab, said: “We are pleased to become part of Bruker and augment the proteomics and metabolomics workflows of high-performance mass spectrometry systems like the timsTOF or scimaX® MRMS platforms. Our Zirconium pump is already part of the Bruker high-performance nanoElute system. Being part of Bruker allows us to increase the pace of product innovation, and we are looking forward to bringing our Mobile Injection Unit Technology to market to further improve performance and robustness in key applications, like single cell proteomics and lipidomics.”

Mr. Juergen Srega, the President of the Bruker CALID Group, explained: “Given the enormous sensitivity improvements of our timsTOF Pro 2 and timsTOF SCP mass spectrometers, our customers are working with lower and lower sample amounts. Prolab’s innovative mobile injector technology on the Zirconium Qube autosampler provides high-precision, low volume injections with minimal sample loss and carryover, as well as faster cycle times. Zirconium perfectly complements our ultra-high sensitivity unbiased, deep 4D proteomics, immunopeptidomics and single-cell proteomics solutions.”

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