CEM Receives Fourth Patent for Microwave Peptide Synthesis

17-Sep-2009 - USA

CEM announced that its fourth US patent covering microwave-assisted peptide synthesis (US7,582,728) was issued on September 1, 2009. The patent contains broad claims regarding the process of using microwave energy to accelerate two key steps in performing almost all solid phase peptide synthesis, deprotection and coupling. In addition, the Company’s third patent (US 7,563,865) for microwave peptide synthesis was issued on July 21, 2009 and specifically covered the process of performing Fmoc and Boc chemistries, the two most common strategies employed in peptide synthesis.

“We are pleased to now have four patents covering microwave solid phase peptide synthesis,” commented Michael J. Collins, president & CEO of CEM Corporation. “The two most recent patents to issue are both process based and will provide broad coverage in using microwave energy to accelerate peptide synthesis. There are also a number of additional peptide patent applications still pending, which should create an even stronger product portfolio for CEM in the future.”

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