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CyBio SELMA by Analytik Jena

Semi-automatic pipetting station for maximum accuracy

Discover the space-saving pipetting solution for 96- and 384-well plates now

CyBio SELMA offers fast and precise pipetting for reproducible results ✓ Space-saving design that can be integrated on any standard laboratory bench ✓ CyBio SELMA is easy to use, thanks to user-guided, memorisable methods ✓...

active ingredient research automation cell biology +10
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SPECTROstar Nano by BMG Labtech

UV/Vis measurements for microplates and cuvettes in the blink of an eye

Efficient assay performance thanks to predefined protocols

Absorbance meter for microtiter plates and cuvettes ✓ from 0.3 µl sample volume ✓ <1s measuring time/well ✓ Up to 900 data points per well ✓ Robot compatible...

Bradford assays cell assays DNA quantification +9
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Berghof Reaktortechnologie - Hoch- und Niederdruckreaktoren, Druckbehälter und metallfreie Reaktoren by Berghof

Safe high- and low-pressure systems for aggressive media

Corrosion-resistant reactors with PTFE lining - individually configurable

PTFE lining for effective corrosion protection allows the use of highly corrosive media ✓ Flexibility and individuality - The modularly designed reactors are individually configured ✓ Easy handling - You simply open/close the quick-release fastener by hand without tools ✓...

analytica autoclaves biofuels +17
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Limsophy by AAC Infotray

Optimise your laboratory processes with Limsophy LIMS

Seamless integration and process optimisation in laboratory data management

Data must be able to bypass systems and technologies easily and persist over time. The software Limsophy helps hereby...

analytical software analytics biology +19
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LUMiFrac by LUM

The New Standard in Adhesion and Cohesion Testing

Materials Testing According to ISO 4624, DIN EN 15870 and More

Adhesive and tensile strength of composite materials, multi-layer films and bonded parts are determined by the LUMiFrac without sample clamping...

adhesive analytics adhesives battery technology +13
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multi N/C by Analytik Jena

Advanced TOC and TNb analysis: Precise measurements in complex matrices

Broad measuring range - even without sample dilution

Standard-compliant Working ✓ Easily measure parameters such as TC, TIC, TOC, POC, NPOC, TNb etc. even in complicated matrices ✓ Reliable and maximum operational safety ✓...

cleaning validation drinking water analytics elemental analysis +20
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multi EA 5000 by Analytik Jena

Your Entire C/N/S/X Lab in One Device

New multi EA 5100 simplifies elemental analysis

C/N/S/X analysis without system change ✓ Highest sensitivity ✓ Maximum operation safety ✓...

AOX analysis AOX systems carbon analysis +20
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PlasmaQuant MS Elite by Analytik Jena

LC-ICP-MS Is the Key to the World of Elemental Species

Highest Sensitivity and Lowest Detection Limits with PlasmaQuant MS Series and PQ LC

An efficient, fast and accurate routine analysis ✓ Cost effective ✓ Extensive accessories ✓...

environmental testing food analytics food safety +15
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compEAct Serie by Analytik Jena

compEAct: Efficient determination of sulphur and nitrogen in liquids, gases and LPG samples

Individually adaptable degree of automation from manual handling to fully automated operation

Precise measurement of sulphur and nitrogen contents ✓ Efficient analysis due to high sample throughput ✓ Safe and low-maintenance analysis solution with low space requirement ✓...

C/N/S/X analysis elemental analysis elemental analyzers +8
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RFM970-T by Xylem

Precise Digital Refractometer with Large Measuring Range

Wide measuring range: 1.30 - 1.70 RI ✓ High-resolution 6 decimal places ✓ Peltier temperature stability: ±0.02°C ✓ US/EP/BP/JP compliant ✓ Supports FDA Regulation 21 CFR Part 11...

analytica chemistry digital refractometers +4
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