How to Analyze Oils Using ICP-OES with Radial Plasma Observation

SPECTRO Analytical Instruments

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The design of the SPECTRO ARCOS ensures exceptionally low operating costs over a long, reliable service life. And it packs a modern, ergonomic chassis with proven features such as no-purge UV-PLUS sealed gas purification technology, no-external-cooling OPI-Air Interface.

ICP-OES instruments, due to their multi element capability, high dynamic linear range, stability, and low detection limits are suggested in several standard procedures for oil and fuel analysis.

In this report, the analysis using the new SPECTRO ARCOS with radial plasma observation demonstrates a simple, fast, accurate and precise method for the simultaneous determination of trace elements, wear metals, additives as well as chlorine and sulphur in oil matrices. The easy sample preparation and low detection limits combined with the high sample throughput of the method ensures low costs of analysis and enables its use for various applications in the petrochemical field.

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