Your Entire C/N/S/X Lab in One Device

The Top 3 Advantages

C/N/S/X analysis without system change


Highest sensitivity


Maximum operation safety

New multi EA 5100 simplifies elemental analysis

The multi EA 5100 series by Analytik Jena offers elemental analysis for demanding applications. Choose the universal talent for determining C, N, S, and Cl and parameters such as TOC, AOX or EOX in one instrument.

multi EA 5100: Multi-Element Analysis C, N, S, Cl, and TOC/AOX/TOX in One Device
The multi EA series by Analytik Jena combines automation and reliability in unmatched quality thanks to patented innovative solutions. It is a system created to cope with the most diverse sample matrices. It is versatile, reliable, easy to operate, and capable of so much more than just elemental analysis. C, N, S, and Cl from solid, liquid, paste-like, and gaseous samples are only a small part of what it can do. TOC, EOX, and AOX/TOX analyses are further areas of application easily covered by the multi EA 5100. This makes it a universal talent to be used in various fields such as petrochemistry, environmental analysis, pharmacy, the chemical industry, and materials testing.

multi EA 5100 — C, N, S, X in ONE Analysis Cycle

  • Sensitive: HiPerSens Detection
  • Unique: Double furnace technology
  • Innovative: Flame sensor technique
  • Safe: Auto-protection
  • Intuitive: Self Check System
  • Multi applicable: Multi-matrix autosampler
  • multi-element analysis

  • total nitrogen analysis

  • elemental analysis

  • AOX analysis

  • TOC analysis

  • TOX analysis

  • nitrogen analysis

  • sulfur analysis

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