LC-ICP-MS Is the Key to the World of Elemental Species

Highest Sensitivity and Lowest Detection Limits with PlasmaQuant MS Series and PQ LC

The combination of PQ LC, a high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) with the technologically leading ICP-MS PlasmaQuant MS and the highly sensitive PlasmaQuant MS Elite, makes an entire series of routine analyses more efficient, quicker, and more accurate.

Especially sectors that must be able to detect ever smaller traces of elements in their products and processes, such as the food, environmental or pharma industry, profit from the simple setup of the system.

The PlasmaQuant MS Series provides even more detailed insights into speciation analysis - the monitoring, evaluation and investigation of sources, natural cycles and metabolic pathways of element species, in order to understand their effect on organisms and enable a reliable risk assessment with regard to their toxicity.

Thanks to the high sensitivity of the PlasmaQuant MS Series with detection limits in the ng/L range, the Analytik Jena solution for LC-ICP-MS not only offers unrivalled performance in research but also the simultaneous determination of main species and ultratraces within a very short time, benefitting routine applications in QC labs.

ICP-MS models for every application

PlasmaQuant MS
The ICP-MS system for efficient and stable characterization of high matrix samples.

PlasmaQuant MS Q
The fast ICP-MS for high-throughput analysis with superior precision.

PlasmaQuant MS Elite S
The high sensitivity ICP-MS for routine ultratrace element detection in clean sample matrices.

PlasmaQuant MS Elite
The ICP-MS with ultimate sensitivity and targeted performance optimization for advanced research.

PQ LC for PlasmaQuant MS
The HPLC module for ICP-MS of the PlasmaQuant MS series. Ideally suited for highly sensitive detection of elemental species.

Analytik Jena provides a variety of accessories for its ICP-MS e.g. auto sampler, hydride systems, supplies for additional gases and many, many more. Thanks to these accessories, each system can be tailored even more to specific applications.

LC-ICP-MS Is the Key to the World of Elemental Species

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