Automated Isolation & Purification of DNA or RNA

InnuPure C16 touch – The New Standard in Automated Extraction

A classic reinvents itself: InnuPure® C16 touch combines highly precise liquid handling with automated extraction, using magnetic-particle separation as a basis for isolating high-quality nucleic acids. This instrument raises the bar when it comes to reliability and user-friendliness.

The well-established walk-away principle ensures that the entire process — up to and including analysis — is fully automated once the initial manual loading step is complete. This feature consistently eliminates potential risks: ready-to-use reagent strips and/or plates make pipetting errors a thing of the past, while 1 mL pipette tips with aerosol filters effectively prevent contamination of the dispensing unit and samples. The integrated piercing function and (optional) UV lamp rule out additional contamination risks.

The integrated 10” tablet in combination with IPextract make the InnuPureC16 touch convenient to operate. Depending on the starting material used, the system automatically suggests the perfect combination of kit, extraction protocol and parameters — alternatively, it can also give users fast, direct access along with a flexible selection of different settings. The barcode reader can be used for importing relevant information directly from the kit’s label.

  • nucleic acid purification systems

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