Innovative detector solutions for
mass spectrometry

The Top 3 Advantages

A diverse line-up of detectors


Custom devices available


Superior detection capabilities

Unique devices for the next generation of mass spectral analysis

Hamamatsu has developed a wide range of products for both the ionization and detection ranges of mass spectrometry. Depending on the type of mass spectrometer used, the technical characteristics and required performance of these devices differ.

These include low-fragmentation light sources for photoionization, high specification ion detectors, as well as measurement support tools for users. We offer a wide range of detection devices such as MCP, EMT, and PMT, allowing us to present a broad range of options that best fit your application.

By developing mass spectrometry devices with cutting-edge technologies in semiconductor manufacturing, laser development, and material research, we have developed a new line of detectors offering the most effective and precise analysis for any mass spectrometry technique.

  • mass spectrometer accessories

  • light sources

  • electron multipliers

  • ion detectors

  • microcanal plates

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