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Measure absolute quantum yield in milliseconds: No fluorescence spectrometer is faster

The Top 3 Advantages

Measurement in milliseconds instead of minutes: fewer measurement errors with unstable/bleaching samples


No standards needed: measure solid, powdered and liquid samples without error propagation


Saves time and hassle in daily routines: simple operability and intuitive software

Photoluminescence up to the NIR range: Save time and minimize errors

The Quantaurus-QY Plus UV-NIR can measure the absolute quantum yield up to the near-infrared (NIR) range. Its ease of use makes it the ideal fluorescence spectrometer for OLED/LED development, measurement of quantum dots, the characterization of LED phosphor materials, studies of organic metal complexes and emission measurements of singlet oxygen.

Photoluminescence quantum yields of solid and liquid samples are measured absolutely, i.e. without known reference materials. Compared to scanning spectrometers, CCD measurement times are extremely short, which is ideal for sensitive samples with a tendency to degrade.

The easy-to-understand, intuitive software measures the entire photoluminescence spectrum. It not only calculates quantum yields automatically, but also delivers color coordinates and offers a reabsorption correction function.

In combination with a 980 nm laser diode, the Quantaurus-QY Plus is perfectly suited for investigating upconversion materials. At the same time, quantum yields of <1% can be measured in the NIR range up to 1650 nm when a high power xenon lamp is used.

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