The Analyzer 4 You - novAA 800-Series

The reliable all-rounder, making routine analysis efficient and cost-effective

The novAA 800 series of atomic absorption spectrometers (AAS) covers the complete range of AAS applications from flame to graphite furnace to hydride mode on just one instrument platform It offers fast and reliable routine analysis for moderate sample loads over a wide concentration range, while being extremely easy to handle thanks to clever technology that is made in Germany.

novAA 800 – The Analyzer 4 You

  • Efficient: High throughput thanks to integrated sampling and dilution
  • Simple: Easy handling with user friendly concepts
  • Cost effective: High performance at low investment and running cost
  • Reliable: Stable measurement conditions thanks to robust components and a clever design

novAA 800 is the partner for your requirements in the analysis of samples from the food and agricultural, environmental, chemical and polymers as well as geology, mining, and metals sectors.

Key benefits of the novAA 800 series for your application:

  • Small footprint with full flexibility thanks to flame and graphite furnace technology on one platform with automatic atomizer change
  • Stable measurement of high and low matrix samples in absorption and emission mode
  • Significant reduction of wet-chemical handling and sample/standard preparation when using autosamplers AS-FD and AS-GF
  • Range of other performance enhancing accessories, such as hydride systems, USB camera, Scraper and switching valve technology (SFS 6.0), for high efficiency and ease of use

novAA 800 F
AAS for flame and hydride technology

novAA 800 G
AAS for graphite furnace and hydride technology

novAA 800 D
AAS for flame, hydride and graphite furnace technology

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