Thermo Fisher Scientific Selected by China Doping Control Center to Supply Doping Testing Instrumentation at 2008 Olympics

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. announced that the China doping Control Center (CDCC) has selected Thermo Scientific instruments and software for its sports testing program at the 29th Olympic Games in Beijing. The CDCC has been accredited by the Chinese government and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to conduct all doping control analyses during the 2008 Olympic Games. Identifying illegal performance-enhancing substances that are used in sports competition is a growing global challenge, one made more difficult by the development of ever more sophisticated drugs that are increasingly difficult to detect. The analytical systems Thermo Fisher supplied to CDCC are ideally suited for this challenge, providing the high specificity, low limits of detection, high throughput and reliability required in today's sports testing environment. The CDCC sports doping testing program will start even before the opening of the competition, and continue from athletes' check-in at the Olympic Village until the end of the Games. All samples will be analyzed strictly in accordance with the IOC anti-doping rules for banned substances. With many thousands of samples to run and a long list of banned substances to potentially identify, the CDCC placed a high priority on acquiring automated systems that provide high accuracy, sensitivity and throughput.

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