Lexicon Genetics Awarded Funding from DARPA to Identify Drug Targets with Potential for Improving Sleep-Related Performance


Lexicon Genetics Incorporated announced that it was awarded funding from the United States Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) for the identification of targets that may be important in the development of drugs to enhance the restorative benefits derived from sleep and offset problems associated with sleep deprivation. Financial terms of the one-year award were not disclosed.

Under the award, Lexicon will be investigating the molecular and cellular basis of sleep, sleep pathways and the correlation between sleep architecture and performance, including under conditions of sleep deprivation. Lexicon will also study specific genes that alter normal sleep/wake cycles when knocked out in mice. The goal of this research program is to identify potential drug targets that, when modulated, may optimize restorative sleep and improve performance after periods of sleep or under conditions of sleep deprivation.

"Through use of our proprietary drug target discovery platform, we have identified two genes that appear to impact the mechanism of sleep," said Brian P. Zambrowicz, Ph.D., executive vice president of research at Lexicon. "Our work under this grant may have application to the military and the general population."

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