Continuing strong growth for Viscotek in Europe


Viscotek has announced strong growth in European sales in 2006 compared to the same period last year. Founded in 1985, Viscotek is the global leader in GPC / SEC detectors, software and systems for the characterisation of natural and synthetic polymers, proteins and nanoparticulate materials.

The growth has been driven by strong uptake of Viscotek's Dynamic Light Scattering instrument launched in 2005 and continued investment in the company's Triple Detector Array (TDA) and GPCmax systems by the pharmaceutical industry in particular. Manufactured in Europe - Viscotek's Dynamic Light Scattering instrument has been widely acclaimed by laboratories around the world particularly those specialising in biomolecular discovery, development and delivery, protein-protein interactions, protein conformation analysis and measurement of nanoparticles.

Paul Clarke (MD, Viscotek Europe) stated 'laboratories evaluating instruments to characterise polymers, proteins and nanoparticulate materials are becoming increasingly aware that not all systems provide the results they are looking for'. He added 'continuous investment in innovative new products, experienced and knowledgeable staff and applications development laboratories around Europe has brought its rewards'.

With offices in the UK, Netherlands, Germany and France - Viscotek is Europe's leading provider of complete solutions for polymer, protein and nanoparticle characterisation to the chemical, pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

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