Ashland captures BCE Award for ultrasonic water treatment system


The SONOXIDE ultrasonic water treatment system available from Drew Industrial, a business group of Ashland Specialty Chemical, a division of Ashland Inc. , has earned a Major Commendation Award from Business Commitment to the Environment (BCE), an independent environmental awards organization based in the United Kingdom.

The award was presented at a ceremony in London recently. The BCE Awards were established in 1975 to recognize business activities that enhance or protect the environment. Ashland's SONOXIDE ultrasonic water treatment system uses a patented, non-chemical method to control microbial growth in water, preventing fouling and contamination.

Traditionally, microbial growth within water systems has been controlled by chemical treatment. The SONOXIDE system offers a new approach to microbiological control in recirculating cooling water systems. SONOXIDE water treatment system is a patented technology that uses low power, high frequency ultrasound to kill bacteria throughout industrial water systems. The system works by recirculating a portion of the water through the SONOXIDE unit. The water that is returned contains bacteria that have been damaged by the ultrasonic waves, and this triggers a complex chain of events that causes disruption of slime and biofilm growth in all parts of the system.

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