CyGenics' Subsidiary to Distribute Bird Flu Test Kits


CyGenics Ltd announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Cell Sciences Pte Ltd, has signed an Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Rockeby Biomed for logistics, sales, marketing and master distribution of the Avian (bird) and Human Flu Tests for the Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Philippines and Vietnam markets.

The market segments include hospitals, doctors, specialists, general practitioners and veterinarians. Cell Sciences has already taken shipments of the kits. The Avian Virus Antigen Test is a rapid one step test for qualitative detection of avian influenza virus antigen (H5N1). It is used for veterinary diagnostic for one site testing of bird faeces, as well as clinical screening of bird blood and serum specimens.

The Influenza Virus Antigen test is a rapid screening method that measures Influenza A proteins in samples taken from human nose or throat. It is an immunoassay test kit that can also be used for the detection of the H5N1 virus in humans, which can trigger an aggressive and often fatal clinical response.

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